Hello, my name is Zack and I am married to a, smart, kind, sexy, and all around awesome girl/bombshell named, Becky. We are best friends. We are in love. We are Zack+Becky. Marriage is awesome and we highly recommend it to all our clients :). With that said, planning a wedding can get crazy. Having gone through all that craziness ourselves only recently (married in May), we understand how crucial and important every decision is to your big day. We love being a part of our clients wedding days, and our goal is to always serve you and help make your wedding day as memorable as possible.

Additionally, we love our Savior, Jesus Christ, more than anything in the world. He has given us the greatest set of family and friends we could ever hope for or imagine. He also has blessed us with the greatest jobs in the world. Shoot, we get to hang out with great people on the biggest, happiest days of their lives! Photography is our passion! It’s not just a job for us. It has opened doors to great relationships, and allowed us to create lasting memories for the clients we serve. Our hope is that our work is a testament to our passion, and our clients are a testament to our service.

We specialize in Wedding Photography and we realize that every wedding is unique. We’d love to sit down with you to discuss how we can best serve your wedding day needs. We love meeting new people so give us a call or email us and we’ll get something on the books.


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  1. Yelena Naumenko says:

    Hi Zack and Becky!

    My fiance Rick and I are looking at photographers, our wedding date is 4/4/15. I found your site last night, think your photos are beautiful was first going to show your work to Rick before I contact you or not but just looked at your bio and saw the part about Jesus Christ and how He’s the most important part of your guys’ life/marriage and I thought I HAVE GOT TO CONTACT THEM because that’s the same for Rick and I!! I cannot wait to show your work to Rick! Can you email me your engagement and wedding day packages?

    Thank you and God bless you guys!

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